Liza thinks differently about credit

Borrow from friends and family. Pay them back. Build your credit score.

How it works

Build up your credit score when  borrowing from friends and family



     You notice your credit score is low and you would like to improve it to access more affordable loans or maybe prepare for a mortgage.


     Use Liza to set up a small loan from a friend of family member ($50-$100 is enough). Agree the length of the loan and repayment dates. The money will arrive in your account.


    As you pay back your friends or family, Liza records the transaction and reports the repayments to the credit agencies. Watch your credit score improve with positive repayments.

Why a credit score matters

A good score makes life more affordable

      Less expensive auto loans

       Access to some jobs

      Approval for rental properties

      Less expensive credit cards

      Less expensive mortgage

Why US?

Liza is social enterprise with a clear mission

Working with Americans to build a better credit score for a more affordable life